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7 Oct
By Jarrod | 7 Oct | virality, blogumentary, SEO Blog |


Oct 7, 2018

This is day 1- Today I deleted all the files that existed in this sites root directory and started from scratch. I downloaded a ThemeWagon template and made adjustments to the template to make the site have the look and feel I wanted. Side note- I'm not big on WordPress, or other "pre-made" sites. I enjoy the process of going through the script and making adjustments, and I like being able to have full control over the details; just me and good old css, html, php, and a little js sprinkled in there. I don't use plug-ins either. Next I started brainstorming about things I want to write about that would add value to any readers that may stumble on one of my pages, with a quick review of Google's keyword planner to find a handful of (low competition) keywords that have between 1k-10k searches a month; this is critical to your SEO efforts. Then I started writing my first article Quest of Virality - The Long Road Ahead. Because I was keeping track of my backlink efforts for my other websites (which by the way have pretty low traffic - in total about 250 visitors a day for all 20 websites), it seemed the effort I put in finding them could help others, so I created the following pages:

Free Backlink List

  • This was pretty easy to set up because I was already keeping track of backlinks that I was throwing out there for some of my other sites

  • What are Backlinks?
  • I kind of stumbled upon this while I was doing my keyword search, and it is relevant to the topic of this site... couldn't overlook an opportunity to create a page that has value for potential readers.

  • Virality RSS feed
  • I figure the road to virality has to include an RSS feed, if not for any other reason than to create another tool that I can use for sites that promote RSS feeds... potential stream of organic traffic and of course, for backlinks.

  • As of today, this site gets an average of about 5 pageviews a month according to my adSense metrics... the site is rock bottom! In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it was being "softly" penalized by Google for all of my lazy efforts and the spammy nature of those efforts in the past. We will see.

    I also found a free logo maker and created the wurlWire logo that you see at the top of the page, and I created a favicon (the image you see on the top of your browser when you open a page). I make the assumption that I need a memorable and marketable image to go with the name (for marketing reasons... and an article I will add later). It's not a very strong logo, but it was free and I felt that it was not only an image that looked and felt how I wanted the site to "feel," but it is a memorable image and something I can market with my site. In marketing you want to hit as many senses as possible to stimulate your consumers brain and make their interaction with your product or service memorable.

    And finally, I went to AddThis and created a share bar for my site so that users could share the content. Again, this is a quest for virality and I need to use all available tools to cater to, and ensure, this site can be shared with others to help with "spreading" the information and making it viral. As time progresses I will evaluate the tools I'm using and discuss how effective they are, if at all, and provide insight on what is working best and what may not be working at all.

    Oct 9

    First thing I did this morning was check my Google Webmasters tool to see if this site was indexed yet, and to see if Google was providing me any keyword searches... and to my surprise, Google pulled in my pages and I had three keywords showing with search results (prior to this, I had 0 keywords showing up for results... for many months, maybe even years). I had a total of 6 impressions for 3 keywords! The downside is the position was 89, 171, and 185... not too good, but not too bad either... It is search results for content I just put out there 2 days ago and there are ZERO backlinks to this site. This definitely favors my speculation (or conspiracy theory) that maybe content is more important than backlinks, and maybe backlinks only become important when the keywords have "high competition". You can find this information in Google's keyword planner.

    This evening (after work, picking up the kids, helping with homework, and making dinner), I started putting together this page and I think this will be where I place the "daily updates" of what I've done to date and the progress (or lack of progress) I'm making. In addition to this, I'm writing about Setting Goals for a Blog. It may end up a late night. I also started my backlinking strategy and placed my RSS feed (low hanging fruit) on the sites listed on my Free Backlink List page. I also submitted backlinks to the article "Quest of Virality" on Scoop.it and Sociopost. Not sure they will add value, but I will keep an eye on if there is correlation between increased traffic and when they show up in my Google Webmaster tools as links to my site.

    Oct 10

    Today was an exciting day and I learned something pretty big. Part of my morning routine is to check Google Webmaster Tools to check on my sites, and right now my emphasis is on this site. I was amped to see that I had 80 impressions for 30+ keywords! In the image below you can see that I had zero keywords for search results up until 2 days ago... This tells me something really important; backlinks aren't required to get into SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), and Google seems to be liking the content I'm writing. The position isn't great, everything is above 50 (so page 5 or more), with an average position of 137, but at least I know my sight is being indexed and seen. At this point I'm not sure if the position is a reflection of being new content, or if it's a result of the lack of backlinks. This will definitely be something I watch closely.

    Webmaster Tools Keywords
    webmaster keywords day 3
    As you can see, there are zero keywords being reflected for this site for the past 28 days... but it has a sharp increase from yesterday, day 3 of having content on this site! I do have to say that I'm cautious of sharing what keywords Google placed in search results, at this point I don't want to add competition, so I'm holding the actual words close to my chest, for now.

    Webmaster Tools Backlinks
    webmaster backlinks day 3
    I wanted to show that this site has zero backlinks as of today, day 3. As things materialize and progress, I'm hoping to be able to share this information. Right now everything is at baseline. Hopefully in the next month things will be a much more full and robust picture.