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niche market
12 Oct
By Jarrod | 12 Oct | target market, niche market, blog audience |

Niche Market

Now that I have a general understanding of what a target market is, I can start defining who my audience is; my niche. While it's okay to cast a wide net and have content that reaches a broad audience, I think it's important to start with a niche for now, and as my traffic grows I can start reaching for a wider audience base. According to BusinessDictionary.com a niche market is a small and well defined group of people within a population. Again, I'm trying to incorporate business concepts into my blogging approach to establish a solid foundation and to maintain focus. There is a mountain of information out there and it will be easy to get lost, or to stray away from what my intention is with this blog; a quest of virality. While going viral has a connotation of being vast and reaching a large audience, for now, in an attempt to be realistic, I will be happy with going viral within a small and specifically defined audience.

While there aren't really geographic or demographic characteristics identifying my audience, there are several psychographic attributes, or relationships, that exist. My audience shares 3 specific and unique characteristics:

1. An interest in creating a blog,
2. A desire to share information, knowledge, and experience using a blog as the method to promote their information, and
3. (I make the assumption) A shared desire to earn revenue from blogging by monetizing the information that is being shared.

And of course, we have aspirations of going viral to draw tons of traffic!

What is My Niche?

While I am trying to focus my efforts on a relatively small group of people, there is actually a ton of content that can be written to focus on the needs of my target audience. This niche is a group of people who are interested in learning:

1. How to blog
2. How to turn a blog into a business, or to monetize a blog. A blog is a great way to earn passive income!
3. How to set a blog up
4. Ways to improve SEO
5. Ways to build backlinks
6. Where to go to build backlinks

And these are just a few topics. Establishing a niche really could be drilled down even further by refining the scope of this blog into a niche blog about marketing products for [fill in the blank]... we could get really, REALLY, specific. But while I want to remain focused on a specific topic, I don't want it to be too limited in scope. There is a lot of content to share relating to how to set up a blog and I have just scratched the surface here, on day 5 of my journey.