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7 Oct
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Free Backlink Sites

Below are sites I have collected in my countless searches for places that you can get backlinks from. While it's still unclear to me how Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) relate to Google's algorithm, if there is any relationship at all, it does seem that DA and PA are an important criteria that many sites look at as part of their SEO link building strategy... in conjunction with site relevance.

As a side note, I do question how much weight Google places on back links, at least over the past year or two, because I have a site in particular that has horrible backlinks, but it ranks really well for a handful of keywords; so not only are the links kind of "spammy," but they all lead to the home page, and I'm number one in Google for keywords/pages that aren't my homepage. I'm not sure if it's a result of these particular keywords being low competitive words, or if other factors are at play that bear more weight, such as bounce rate, user time on page, or age of domain... From another prespective, there have been occassions where I have brand new pages that I have published and literally 2-3 days later Google has indexed the page and is showing results in the top 10 for keywords in the article, and there are no backlinks to the published page yet. Both of these scenario's make me question how "powerful" backlinks really are, and if maybe a majority of the weight is placed on unique, solid content. Or maybe their power comes into play when it is a competitive key word? Eitherway, because I'm not certain, I make backlink building a part of my SEO strategy. Regardless of how much weight is placed on them, they are another source of generating organic traffic; and traffic is the objective.

Some of these sites are easy to submit to and some will require unique content, or a reciprocal link. Almost all will require you to register for the site, so I'd suggest setting up a "special" email account just for all the emails you're going to get. I'd also recommend setting up an Excel spreadsheet (or some other tool) to track your log-in information, your user name, the back link you placed on the site, and any other details you want to keep track of. I have used all of the sites below for back links to sites/pages that I own over the past two weeks. I check my Google Analytics almost daily to see if they have been picked up by Google and I will provide an update on how effective this strategy was as it materializes. I also plan to add more depth to each of these sites, with more specific information soon. Note that some are dofollow back links, and some are not - again, traffic is the objective whether from the serps or other avenues. Please note that these links are in no particular order, they are just listed as I came across them. Without further adieu, back link sites as follows:

Number Site Name Site Notes to Date
1 Sooperarticles -
2 BoTID Requires a reciprocal link if you want the free listing
3 Folkd This has been around for a looong time. It's an easy back link, but I'm not sure how much value the back link will have. It does have high DA though
4 fark -
5 MrOwl -
6 Digg -
7 Bookmark Spider -
8 delicious This site hasn't been active as result of moving servers... not sure what's going on with this site.
9 bibsonomy -
10 techworldclass -
11 All Top This site is primarily for RSS feeds.
**I'm in work on transitioning the links below to the table above...

12. sitepromotiondirectory.com
13. flipboard
14. slashdot.org
15. copyrighted.com
16. triberr
17. growthhackers
18. rockstar finance - finance specific
19. diigo.com
20. articles.org
21. reddit
22. blogadda - It has been 2 weeks since I submitted one of my blogs, they require a back link for their free version. I'm assuming at this point I will have to pay if I want to see my link on their site.
23. indulgy.com
24. feedspot.com
25. moneygossips.com
26. onlinewebmarks.com
27. bizsugar - It has been 2 weeks since I submitted two articles and they're still not active. I'm wondering if this site is just for affiliate sites they own as a resource to build back links for their own sites.
28. ontoplist
29. blogcatalog.com
30. spillbean.com
31. blogflux.com
32. allbusiness.com
33. iamwire.com
34. feedly
35. pinterest
36. mix.com
37. weheartit.com
38. scoop.it
39. trendiee.com
40. crazybacklink.com
41. facecool
42. mozylinks.com
43. sitejot.com
44. socialbookmarkingnow.info
45. tracky.com