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Quest of Virality

road to virality
7 Oct

Quest of Virality - The Long Road Ahead

Ok, I have owned about 20 websites for a little over 7 years now and after taking a brief pause (about 5 years -- hey, time is a matter of perspective, right?) I have decided to become active in the development of my content and SEO. And recently I was talking with a friend who I admire and respect greatly. He actually introduced me to the idea of owning websites back in 2010 and has done well with his own sites. I asked him the $1 million...

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backlink strategy for seo
14 Oct

Backlink Strategy for SEO

There are many important aspects to establishing an effective backlink strategy for SEO. I'm not going to get too in depth here on the keys to writing your article, in this segment we will assume you have great content and it's ready to be released to the world wide web. The first step to building backlinks...

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monetize a blog
12 Oct

How to Monetize a Blog

There are tons of affiliate programs, advertising campaigns, and other marketing programs out there seeking to place their ads on your site; especially if you have a decent level of traffic and can direct your customers to them. Your readers are your customers, and to...

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niche market
12 Oct

Niche Market

Now that I have a general understanding of what a target market is, I can start defining who my audience is; my niche. While it's okay to cast a wide net and have content that reaches a broad audience, I think it's important to start with a niche for now, and as my traffic grows I can...

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smart goals
9 Oct

Setting Goals for a Blog

In business there are concepts you apply to ensure you maintain clearly defined objectives, goals, and purpose. Now that I've established my vision and mission statement, my next step is to set goals for my blog. I'm going to refer to good ole' Business Management 101 for this; following the fundamentals of...

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7 Oct

Backlink List

These are sites I have collected in my countless searches for places that you can get backlinks from. While it's still unclear to me how Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) relate to Google's algorithm, if there is any relationship at all, it does seem that DA and PA are an important criteria that many sites look at as part of their SEO link building strategy...

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what are backlinks
8 Oct

What Are Backlinks?

There are two types of links; internal and external. Internal links direct the reader to another page within a website, and external links direct a reader to a page on a different website. In short, backlinks are extrenal links that direct the reader to another source of information; links can also be referred to as a hyperlink. When a...

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my whiteboard
7 Oct

My Whiteboard

I'm going to use this section to publicly brainstorm. Brainstorming is an important exercise in business as it get's the creative juices flowing and some really cool ideas can come about as a result.

Some idea's for what to blog about

1. List of sites that I am using to create back links -- Done

2. What I am using to monetize my sites

3. Transition from CMS to php - This will cover why I made the transition, why I feel it's better, and why I enjoy php more than a CMS... which will segue into a completely new section to blog about for this site - "how-to" write php script, with templates, etc... and this creates another potential avenue, a blog about scripting in general (I'm an avid R user... I love R).

4. My failed business ventures prior to finding my way to websites

5. My personal history... 9 years in the military, school for BS in Business with emphasis in Entrepreneurship, MBA with emphasis in Management Info Sys... worked in retail for 4 yrs in finance and operations management, then forecasting for supply chain in completely different industry, then systems and data analyst... I'm an average joe, with no "leg-up," and learning the ropes as I go.

6. Sites to contribute content to (sample-businessplan.com, online-insurancequotes.com, urban-fashion.org, fashion-blogs.net, onlinecalculatorfree.org - personal sites... and other sites that I come across), and the VALUE that is brought to your site by accepting contributed articles, especially if they are good articles.

7. How to create an RSS feed for your blog without using a plug-in. Tutorial on how to write xml script and resources.

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